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Fastrack Health: At Home Infusion 

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About Fastrack Health

Fastrack Health brings high-quality and safe infusion care to patients within the comfort of their own homes, free from exposure to pathogens and the stressful healthcare facility environment.

Fastrack Health is managed by a team of physicians and physician assistants with over 40 years of experience. As healthcare becomes more patient-centered and tailored to individual needs, Fastrack Health is designed to be a part of that journey. We provide treatments in
the area of highest patient comfort and come to them at their scheduled
service time. No hospital-related disease exposure, no wait time.

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What We Offer


Peace of Mind...


  • No need to go to the Emergency Room or Infusion Center

  • No wait time

  • No exposure to other pathogens

  • Stay in the comfort of your home

At-home infusion

IV therapy is on the forefront of medicine. Receive IV hydration, vitamins, stomach flu, hangover, and migraine treatments all in the comfort of your own home.


Require a routine IV medication as part of your health plan? We are growing! Contact us to see what medications we are adding to our list of services.