Fastrack Health: At Home COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Infusion 

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About Fastrack Health

Fastrack health is the only at home option for COVID-19 Patients seeking monoclonal antibody treatment. If you are anywhere in NJ, We will treat you at the comfort of your home, your schedule at your convenience.

No need to go to the Emergency Room, be exposed to harmful pathogens and wait long hours. All at a price of an ER visit.

Fastrack Health is managed by a team of MD and PA\s with over 40 years of experience in Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia and have hundreds of hours of experience  with Monoclonal Antibody infusion. 

Did You Recently
Test Positive for COVID-19?

You may be eligible for treatment.

What We Offer


Monocolonal Antibody infusion

Monoclonal antibodies are like your body’s own antibodies as they help your immune system quickly destroy the COVID-19 virus before it harms you or causes hospitalization. Fortunately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has authorized monoclonal antibody treatment for emergency use for eligible patients.

Peace of Mind...


For a flat fee of $500:

  • We will come to your home in New Jersey and administer the infusion

  • No need to go to the Emergency Room

  • No wait time

  • No exposure to other pathogens

  • Stay in the comfort of your home

  • All for the price you would pay if you went to the ER